President's Message

Dear Members and Friends,

This has been a busy week for me. Especially today. I have been out to Wonthaggi today to present a playground design to the Primary School. It was a good experience with the school including 4 grade 6 students in the stakeholder meeting to give their views.

Hopefully, most people know I will be speaking tomorrow and that has taken a bit of time to put a few words together for that whilst at the same time putting together everything required for Kammy's induction.

Last week I mentioned that have received the Peace Pole for Haileybury College, City Campus, and prior to that I had mentioned that Judy and I were VIP guests at the school's Anzac Ceremony well now we have been invited to their Middle School Concert at the Meat Market Craft Centre on 9th June.

Last week we showed you a painting from a resident of Ozanam House well this week Susan has received a photo of another painting from the same resident. This time he has used the painting by numbers pack.

Last Friday was the last day to get an article into the North West Melbourne News. So I got one in at the last minute and it focussed on promoting our Phonse Tobin Awards in October with a view of trying to get some public nominations. Even if we don't at least will we have gone through the process and people will have had the opportunity of nominating. Manjula helped me by providing some photos.

Last week I notified you about being approached by the Southbank Rotary club to volunteer at Camp Getaway on the weekend of 23-25th July. Well, that date has now been shifted to 20th August weekend.
At last, this Saturday we have our first fundraiser since  Moomba 2020. Of course, it is another BBQ. Thanks to Susan Robb for all her organizing. We also look like having plenty of volunteers as well. All volunteers should try to be at Bedford Park by 12.00 noon on Saturday. as the numbers are small we are only using our small BBQ plus one other new portable BBQ that the club has purchased.
Also, this weekend is our Virtual District Assembly  on May 22, 2021 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
This is your chance to attend a virtual training and development opportunity hosted by D9800 for all Rotarians in the District. It is primarily aimed at incoming club office bearers for the 2021—2022 Rotary year to give them as much information as possible to enable them to carry out their roles successfully. Come and soak up information!!
Why Attend?
This is your opportunity to network and share ideas with those who are in the same role at other clubs. This is for you so don’t forego that chance.
This is really a great opportunity for office bearers and new members.
This week we are back to an in-person meeting at the Mercure next Thursday 20th May 2021.
1. Induction of Kammy Leung as a new member
2. To mark my 25 year Anniversary of my Rotary membership I will speak about my time in Rotary over that period.
The following meeting will be 03rd June 2021 also at the Mercure Hotel with Sainab Sheikh speaking to us about her adventures over in Africa.
So what's coming up in the district?
22nd May 2021 - District Assembly- 9.30-11.30 and will be virtual.
12th-17th June - International Convention - also Virtual
27th June 2021 - District Changeover - Hyatt Place 12-00-2.00pm

Have a Great Rotary Week!