President's Message

Dear Members and Friends,

It's been a disappointing week waiting each day for the numbers to come out and hope they will allow for the lockdown to finish on schedule after 7 days. We all know now we have at least another 7 days of this to go.

On a Rotary basis, it is really disappointing for our club. I really felt we had built up some good momentum with 4 very good meetings over the last few months each with about 25 attendees. Of course, the last week was very special for me with my 25-year anniversary meeting. We inducted Kammy as a new member and have prospects for a few other members with Herbson Singo, expressing interest at that meeting and of course, Josie Ince is still considering us as well. Also, last week past member Mahad Wasame rang to say he wants to rejoin and bring another young lady, Nasteha Mohamud.

Then 2 days after the meeting we had our BBQ where it was so great to see our members out working displaying the rotary logo engaging with and right in our North Melbourne community and liaising again with the City of Melbourne.

We really were in a great position to really get the club going again at a higher level than for quite a while. Well it's not all lost but rather on hold but we have to work hard to get right back to regaining that momentum as soon as we can.

As not only don't we have a meeting tomorrow we now also can't have one next Thursday either. I suggest that we have a Zoom meeting next week on 10th June so we can catch up. As we are so close to changeover now we better formally make it a Board Meeting with a focus on the Changeover and the incoming team. So we can get things going as far as bookings I have liaised with Sainab and set up a Trybookings link so we can start booking.

The Trybooking link is


On the subject of photos, Ida found one from her archives that she sent me a few days as go as well.

Our members should recognise everyone there but I expect after 4 years some may have forgotten the other person next to me at the Gala Rotary Foundation event held at Docklands. Well, it was Katie Irene Wilford, an Ambassadorial Scholar from the USA. A very significant fact about that photo is that in that photo I am the only Rotarian. Now, 4 years later all four are Rotarians. Rotary is a better organization for it.


Please take note of other upcoming Changeover's that Judy and I have booked into:

26th June 2021 - E Club Changeover at the Amora Hotel.  $60.00/head


27th June 2021 - District Changeover - Hyatt Place 12-00-2.00pm - $65.00/head

6th July 2021 - Southbank RC Changeover = Seafarer's Mission - 6.30 - 9.30pm - $60.00/head

As well there is also the  International Convention - also Virtual  on 12th-17th June 2021

With the changing Covid environment we can't be sure what is going to happen in a week

Upcoming Club Meeting Details are:

Thu 10th June 2021 - Zoom Board Meeting. All members welcome.

Thu 17th June 2021 - In-Person Meeting at the Mercure with Sainab Sheikh as Guest Speaker.

Thu 1st July 2021 - Club Changeover

Have a Great Rotary Week!