I'm Back

After missing 2 newsletters I am back in front of the computer. I'm still in a moonboot for another 6 to 8 weeks but at least I can spend a bit of time each day without having to have my leg up.

Well, a bit has gone by in the last couple of weeks, and there looks like some busy times ahead.

Moomba Parade BBQ

Just 2 days ago as I write this we ran the annual Moomba BBQ which we have done for many years now. I would say it is probably a good 15 years now. Last year was the only canceled Moomba. We were lucky enough to do the 2020 BBQ as the lockdown did not start till about 2 days after it.

Of course, during all those years we have seen many King and Queens of Moomba and at the end of the parade, some of them have come to our BBQ for a snag.

2015 was no exception. That year the queen of Moomba acknowledged the great contribution of the Indian community in Melbourne with the selection of Melbourne-born Bollywood Star Pallavi Sharda. She was accompanied  by the King of Moomba for that year who was Shane Warne. 

I distinctly remember Shane coming to our setup for sausage and almost simultaneously lit up a cigarette. Obviously, during the whole parade, he couldn't smoke in front of the gaze of the general public. Not a good look.

This year we had Peter Hitchener and Fifi box. This is not the first time we have done a BBQ in the presence of Peter Hitchener. Quite a few years ago we did a fund-raiser for St.Mary's House of Welcome and the Burnley Golf Club where Peter is a social member and the President at the time was our Past President, Gary Hansen.

Due to my injury, Judy and I could not attend but we had a great participation of members and friends and other Rotarians. A special mention should go to Susan and Larry Robb for all the organizing beforehand and work on the day and also to James and Cheryl for the huge job of actually getting all our equipment to and from the venue.

Ted, Andrew, and Ibrahim doing the cooking

Manjula on the Veggie Burgers and Don McQueen (From the E Club of Rotary Nomads) flat out checking everything is going to plan.

Ted checking if the queue is ever going to end

A bit hard to see but I think I can see Sally and Wendy from Southbank Rotary Club. As well, I think I also see President Sainab, Cheryl.

As well I know Herbson, Lucia and Bushra were there as well and I am pretty sure others as well a few others too so it was an amazing team effort for a club with only 18 members.

Upcoming BBQ's

The 2 BBQs I had previously reported for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project are now deferred to other dates. One later in March and the other on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day could end being a busy day as I had previously advised the organizers of the famous Mother's Day Classic have confirmed they do want us to carry out a big BBQ on that date being Sunday 8th May at Alexandra Gardens - Melbourne.

As well there is the Federal Election BBQ coming up. The date hasn't been set yet but the last day it can be held in the 21st May 2022 so hopefully, it isn't put on the day before Mother's Day.

As well Ted has been approached by the Centre to run a BBQ on 8th April. They are holding a free all-ages music event in the soccer field behind North Melbourne Community Centre. Mainly for young people who live in the public housing estates in the area. They are collaborating with Hotham Mission on this event, and it will run from 3:30-6:30 pm. We'll have to talk about that one.


Ted has done a lot of work to try and organize a fund-raising concert for Ukraine for 500 people. We are applying for a City of Melbourne Grant and maybe the Bendigo Bank as well. There is still a lot to play out so we will keep you in touch.

I am keen to hear if your club can provide volunteers for one of the uncovered shifts e.g. Albert Park, North Balwyn & North Melbourne on weekdays, Carlton, Melbourne, North Melbourne & Prahran on Saturdays.

Please let me know if you are able to do a 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm shift on any of those Saturdays or a weekday as well if it suits you. on page@ghp.biz

Rotary District 9800 Conference 2022

So why not join Atsuya and attend the conference in Albury. The details are below and there are plenty of accommodation options. Also, take note if you want a bit of a longer stay the next day is the Anzac Day public holiday so no work until Tuesday.



Dad Joke of the Week

"I asked my dog what's two minus two. He said nothing."




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