President's Message

Well, another 7 days since the last newsletter. So how many Rotary issues can occur in that time that effects me?

Well of course we started last Thursday with our regular meeting. We had a lot of members that were not able to make it last week and when you only have 13 members it doesn't make you think there is a big meeting coming up. Well, numbers-wise that is right. We had 5 members, plus our incoming member, Kammy Leung, prospective member, Josie Ince and of course our speaker, Susie Cole speaking about RIMERN which stands for Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network. Well despite the numbers it really was a great meeting and we actually hung around for quite a while speaking about the Rimern program. We had already signed up for it based on the positive view we had of the program but without really knowing too much about the details. Once Susie gave us the details we were even more sure we had made the right decision. The main thing that attracted us was not only was it serving a valuable service to the needy in the community but it also provides a real opportunity to have a hands-on opportunity of volunteering in the Rimern premises.

Last week I mentioned that everything was finalized regarding our commitment to providing a Peace Pole to Haileybury College, City Campus, well last week the peace pole actually arrived right on meeting day so  I brought it to the meeting to show them a preview. It really is impressive.

At last week's newsletter, I mentioned that Susan Robb had been given a painting from a resident from Ozanam House and she brought it into the meeting for all of us to see.


The next day after the meeting Judy and I had a Facetime conversation with a good friend of our club, Andrea Mayorga over in Columbia. It was good to see her face and speak to her. She had already messaged me that her boyfriend's mother had recently died of Covid so she was clearly sad about that but she still has lost the energy she always displays when she is in our presence and she is keen to speak to us on a Zoom meeting so I am planning for that to be on Thu 10th June. I'm sure she will still look bright and cheery at 4.00 am in the morning as that is what the time will be over there.

Today we have been approached by the Southbank Rotary club to advise they have arranged with Ken Maxfield to volunteer at Camp Getaway on the weekend of 23-25th July and I think it would be a great opportunity for our members to join them. We are required to bring our own food. The plan is to help him out with various projects and then enjoy a feast and some wine and get to know each other around the fire. 

Also, today we have been approached by Talia Gilgarry from the City of Melbourne to provide a quote to carry out a small BBQ on Saturday week, 22nd May at lunchtime. I have provided a quote and will update you when I hear back.

Lili Teichman is hosting a Cross Cluster meeting on Sunday and Sainab will represent our club.

I also spoke to Selba Gondoza today as I was concerned when I heard at the conference that there had been a few suicides among the young African community. It really is a bad situation which has just got worse this week with a stabbing in the community as well leaving one young man murdered. There really is a challenge to provide a solution to this community that ultimately needs a way of providing some form of job opportunities so they can both be occupied and also feel useful in the community. Any ideas will be welcome.

This week we have decided to have a break from having a zoom meeting so our next meeting is back to an in-person meeting at the Mercure next Thursday 20th May 2021.

In the hope of getting a few people to come along to the meeting, I thought the club might try sending out a formal invitation to the meeting. I sent Manjula the information and she created a great invitation and sent it out to our whole database and as I write this we currently are expecting 20 to attend.

Makes you think maybe we should send out an invitation for all our meetings?

Last night I realized that there was a District Youth meeting just before it finished but at least I got on to make an appearance and let them know we are intending to run an in-person MUNA this year.

Tomorrow, I am catching up with Sainab during the day to generally bring her up to speed with what she is soon needing to do as President. I can say that Sainab has agreed to be our next Guest speaker on 3rd June.

So what's coming up in the district?

22nd May 2021 - District Assembly- 9.30-11.30 and will be virtual.

12th-17th June - International Convention - also Virtual

27th June 2021 - District Changeover - Hyatt Place 12-00-2.00pm

The following meeting will be 03rd June 2021 also at the Mercure Hotel with Sainab Sheikh speaking to us about her adventures over in Africa

Have a Great Rotary Week!