Board Meeting

Last Thursday we had our Board Meeting and it was a slow start but we ended up with 10 members. they were Sainab, Cheryl, James, Larry, Susan, Ted, Andrew, Judy and I and though only 2 days before her wedding Kammy also attended.

Some of the things we decided were as follows:

  • To try starting back with fortnightly in-person meetings starting tomorrow

  • To dispose of our big BBQ Trailer and split up the BBQ goods among members with the portable BBQs being transported by a standard trailer.

  • To support Joseph's Corner with a donation of $300.00

  • To support Somalian Women's Development Association (SWDA) with a donation of $300.00

Also, members may recall we scheduled last week's Board Meeting to start half an hour earlier so it would finish before Ash Barty's semi-final. Well, it was well worth it as to how good was she. You will all know she won the whole thing as is obviously deserving of being given "champion" status.


Judy and I did a pretty heavy shift last Saturday as there was a fair backlog of goods in there that needed sorting through.

There were stacks of mattresses that needed moving around and trying to match them up with bases of the same size.

Then at 1.00 pm a full truckload came that we had to unload. It was full of couches and chairs


To help ease the backlog they have asked if they have asked us if some of our members can help out over the next 3 Saturdays being Sat 5th Feb, Sat 12th Feb and Sat 19th Feb. We could do the same time slot as Judy and I did of 10.30am to 2.00pm or we could do a do a 12.30pm to 3.30pm shift  as both will allow us to assist unloading the truck when it arrives at about 1.00pm. Please let me know if you are able to help out at all and if so which shift would work best for you.

Global Grant Scholar

I am pleased to advise our members that our Global Grant Scholar from Japan, Atsuya Tazoe has arrived and is living in Carlton and attending the University of Melbourne.

He will be attending our club at our following In-Person meeting on 17th February 2022 and will exchange banners and will speak to us about himself. It should be a great meeting to attend.

As well the District Foundation Committee will be registering him for the District Conference

Rotary District 9800 Conference 2022

So why not join Atsuya and attend the conference in Albury. The details are below and there are plenty of accommodation options. Also, take note if you want a bit of a longer stay the next day is the Anzac Day public holiday so no work until Tuesday.


Upcoming Meeting

Thursday 3rd February 2022 at 6.45 for 7.00 pm at the Mercure Hotel, Cnr Harker St and Flemington Rd North Melbourne

This week our speaker is

Ibrahim is one of our new members giving his "Member Behind the Badge" talk.

Dad Joke of the Week

Judy kept telling me to stop singing the Monkees song "I'm a Believer" all the time.       I thought she was joking.

Then I saw her face






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