President's Message

Well, this has been delayed for a couple of days until after our meeting with DG Philip Archer last night. And what a night. It really was a good meeting. Historically, when meeting attendance was a big thing in Rotary and clubs had to submit their figures every month to the district, 70% attendance was always considered the target. So with our membership down to 13 having an attendance of 25 is pretty good.

Those that attended were:

  • DG Philip Archer - accompanied by other Southbank RC members, Sally Page, Judy Parslow, and Steven Aqualina

  • PDG Neville John,

  • AG Kate Strain,

  • President of Melbourne RC - Marion Macleod with partner Michael Harvey

  • Partnership Manager of Destiny Rescue - Giorgio Migliaccio

  • Founder of Afri-Auscare - Selba Gondoza Luca

  • Fatuma Ali - Friend of PE Sainab Sheikh

  • Kammy Leung - a guest of mine

  • Tallia Gilgarry - Community Engagement Officer for Melbourne City Council

  • Subu Pragasam, son of our Treasurer Manjula

  • Sylvie Berchivk - RC of Prahran

  • Past Member - Pauline Hanley

  • 9 of our own members of the RC of North Melbourne

Thank you so much to all that attended.

Selba briefly updated us with the work that Afri-Auscare with plenty of passion and it was clear that she is an important person in the lives of many young people of African background that need help to get their lives on track. She proudly announced that she is also a Rotarian now too. A member of the Melbourne Passport Club.

It was clear that everyone would have loved to have heard more from her and so she has agreed to come back next week with part of her Afri Auscare team so she can spend more time letting us all know what they are up to. So if you were there last night or if you are reading this and wish you then I recommend you attend next week 8th April 2021. For those that might be a bit confused thinking, we were changing to alternating in-person meetings with Zoom meetings well we have to be flexible as we were with last night's meeting. The fact is that the Mercure Hotel advised me last night that they are fully booked up the next week on the 15th of April with a football team booking it out. I think it is the Brisbane AFLW team.

Next, we had Giorgio Migliaccio very briefly speak about Destiny Rescue and he presented the club with a Certificate of Appreciation for donating $1,000.00 to them for rescuing children from sexual trafficking. He was also pleased to accept another cheque we provided for $300.00 at the same time.

At this point, I'm over-looking the joke I delivered that turned out a bit of a flop but I'll try and lift my game in the future.

I then presented our DG Philip Archer to address us and as expected he was very impressive. We were all pleased to hear the health concern he had with his wife, Trish Reardon was now over as her problem has now been properly diagnosed and she should now have everything under control. Great news to hear.

I won't go through his whole address but I can say it was very positive and it was good to hear that despite what could be described as an unfortunate time to get the gig as DG he made clear he did not see it that way and has been doing such a great job to keep the district being an active vital organization.

He pointed out that clubs should get involved in the Multi-District District conference this year. At first a 2-hour Zoom event on Saturday 1st May and Sunday 2nd May. What he did explain was that for our district we will meet in person on Saturday 1st May at Hyatt Place, Essendon Fields. The plan is during that day we will have a planned breakout session which between 11.00 and 1.00 will be suspended to watch the multi-district zoom. There will also be a gourmet BBQ and a focus on members bring family members to attend as well with a view to them seeing what we have been so engrossed in all this time. 

Everyone was very impressed with Philip's enthusiasm and the way he personalized the address with no technology and no notes.

He also mentioned the Melbourne Rotary Club's historic 100 year "Birthday Bash" lunch meeting on 21st April 2021 at the main Ballroom at the Sofitel Hotel in the city. Everyone that attends will be part of a historic photo (as long as they arrive on time) so I encourage as many as possible to join Judy & I at this special event.

Next meeting: 8th April 2021

In-Person at the Mercure Hotel, Cnr Flemington Rd and Harker St North Melbourne at 6.45pm

Speaker: Selba Gondoza Luca, Founder Afri Auscare

Have a Great Rotary Week!