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Last week my life as I had planned it over the next few months has turned on its head. Those that were at last week's meeting already got the story though I still can't figure out how come I was at the meeting.

Last Thursday morning I had gone to a site meeting at the Flemington Towers and on the way back to the office stopped in North Melbourne. As soon as I started to cross the road at the lights my Archilles Tendon ruptured and I collapsed onto the road and couldn't get up. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan helped me up and as it was my left foot I made my way home driving.  Since then I have been to the doctor, had an Ultrasound, been to the specialist, been fitted out for a moon boot, bought a pair of crutches, and at 6.45 am tomorrow I have an MRI and I am booked in for surgery next week.

That wasn't my plan at all. Actually, last Saturday Judy and I and Sally were all due to fly out to Fiji for 2 weeks. That's all canceled and will have to get re-scheduled later in the week.

So I'm not really even close to being back to normal service including my Rotary duties so apologies if the odd newsletter gets missed. Somehow I am managing this one with the laptop on my lap as per the photo.


Upcoming BBQ's

Apart from the 2 BBQs I have already reported for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project on Saturday 12th March and Sunday 13th March I can now advise we have confirmation of our fee proposal for the very big Moomba BBQ the next day on Labour Day on Monday 14th March and today I received the Purchase Order.

We are still waiting on the venue

I have now also spoken to the contact for the Mother's Day Classic to carry out a big BBQ on Mother's Day,  Sunday 8th May at Alexandra Gardens - Melbourne.  I still need more details but get the impression we would need about 12 volunteers for about 5 hours. I will provide more details at tomorrow's Zoom meeting.


Thanks, last week to Kammy and Andrew for volunteering for Rimern. They are now looking to see if we can provide anyone for March dates, in particular, 19th March

Please let me know if you are able to do a 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm shift  this Sat 19th Mar on page@ghp.biz

Last Week's Meeting

Atsuya Tazoe

Atsuya is a Global Grant Scholar from Japan hosted by our club and he exchanged banners from his 2 sponsoring Japanese Clubs.

We certainly hope to have him back soon

It was great to see Herbson after being reunited with the rest of his family. Herbson is a happy man.

Atsuya Tazoe exchanging banners with Dr. Ida Whiteman (Mentor)

Upcoming Meetings

Thursday 24th February 2022 at 7.00 pm on Zoom 

Speaker - Jennie Mitchell

Jennie lives in Tasmania and is the current President of the Melbourne E Club.

She will speak to us to update us on how her club is going and how her life is in Tasmania.


Zoom Meeting Link


Meeting ID: 828 8560 5624     Passcode: 585402

Rotary District 9800 Conference 2022

So why not join Atsuya and attend the conference in Albury. The details are below and there are plenty of accommodation options. Also, take note if you want a bit of a longer stay the next day is the Anzac Day public holiday so no work until Tuesday.



Dad Joke of the Week

You never know how strong you are until your power steering goes out




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