Big Weekend No. 1 is over & it was AMAZING


This was on last Saturday 7th May 2022. Ticket sales just grew exponentially each week. Three weeks ago we had about 150 bookings. A week later 250. The next week 550 and then in the last 3 days, it went up to 750.

The Melbourne Town Hall was set up for about 680 on the ground floor so on the day we ended up even having some people sitting up on the balcony.

As amazing as it was to get so many people into the Melbourne Town Hall, the actual concert was just as amazing. To me, it was a perfect mix between entertaining performers and interesting and inspiring speakers.

And whatever part you liked best all the credit for goes to our member Ted Dziadkiewicz who put the whole concert together. He got great support from his children Nicola and Lucasz as well as the Victorian Ukrainian Community but none of it would have happened if it wasn't for Ted.

Ted, organized the event, was Master of Ceremonies and performed as well.

As you would imagine with an attendance as big as this you would expect a very good tally and I am pleased to advise you that as of this moment we are getting close to $29000

We are still receiving donations so we hope will achieve that amount or more.

From the Left: Ukrainian Ambassador - Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Rotary D9800 District Governor - Dale Hoy, and Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations - Stefan Romaniw

Naturally bookings are now closed but if you would like to make a donation if Log onto Trybookings on there are still a couple of days to go.


Well if the Ukrainian Concert wasn't enough for our club the next day we moved straight on to the Mother's Day, 8th May 2022 at Alexandra Gardens.

5 of us got there to get things going at 7.00 am. Andrew Georgiou, Larry Robb, Manjula Pragasam, Judy, and I. Then over the rest of the morning the numbers built up to 12 volunteers. Thanks to Sainab and Khalid, Herbson, Kammy, James, Gajani, a friend of Manjula's daughter, and of course Ted again.

The organizers ended up raising a total of $2,100.00 profit and were very happy with the outcome and I'm sure they will be happy for us to keep doing it next year. Next year should be a lot easier for us as a club as I don't expect it will follow doing a big concert the day before and there won't be a big Election BBQ 2 weeks later and I also don't expect we will be doing a Metro Tunnel BBQ 2 weeks later as well.

A special thanks should go to James Long though as it is a huge job to get our whole BBQ gear to and from the site. It involves 2 trips from Brighton each way towing a trailer each time.

Big Weekend No. 2 is coming up


We now have the date and it is on Saturday 21st May 2022 and it will be at the North Melbourne Primary School. We have made contact with the school principal, Sarah Nightingale and she has confirmed her agreement for us to run this BBQ, naturally on the basis of sharing the profits with the school.

This is only 9 days from tomorrow's meeting and it basically goes all day while the polling booths are open between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm. As you would imagine in order to achieve this we need a lot of volunteers. We are probably going to need volunteers from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm and we know a lot of people won't be able to do a full shift but the reality is we will need a core of people that will do the whole day shift.

Please contact me to let me know whether you do 1 of these 3 shift options:

1. Morning                     2. Afternoon                  3. All Day

We will discuss this further at tomorrow's meeting. For those that are going to be good enough to agree to volunteer, you won't need to contact me on the day to ask me the address because I'm telling you now.

Address: North Melbourne Primary School - 210 Errol St, North Melbourne


This is on the next day after the election BBQ on Sunday 22nd May 2022.

This one isn't quite as onerous as instead of 8.00 am to 6.00 pm it is 8.00 am to 3.00 pm plus everything will be supplied so we just need to show up. We can do the same  3 shift options for this too but the shifts can be a bit shorter but we really prefer people that can do the whole day.

Please contact me if you are available for any of these other BBQs on

Address: Arden Station  Cnr Laurens St, &, Barwise St, North Melbourne


Susan Robb has continued to be basically running the show in Susie Cole's absence while she is holidaying in Italy.

Please let me know if you are able to do any 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm shifts this month and we can try and slot you in somewhere. Contact Neville Page  -


The RIMERN EOFY Appeal is now on!
The Rotary Club of North Melbourne is one of the founding members of RIMERN, with our fellow Rotarians we have achieved amazing things since opening the doors of our warehouse last August. To date we have helped to fit out over 69 homes and repurposed over $83k worth of stock - most of it destined for landfill.

The funds raised from this campaign will help with our operation costs Remember, RIMERN is a Rotary project supported by many clubs whose members have donated their time and skills free as volunteers, working hard in their spare time to make our community a fairer and more equitable space. Every donation counts, every Facebook like counts & every share counts - please help us to spread the word. Thank you for your support

This Weekend

No BBQ's this weekend so why not relax and have a cup of tea? Go and represent our club at the Joseph's Corner High Tea. It is always good to catch up with Sr. Jean Dwyer. Our club has already donated to them this year and plan to do so again shortly.

Upcoming Meeting

Thursday 12th May 2022 at 6.45 for 7.00 pm

at the Mercure Hotel, Cnr Harker St & Flemington Rd North Melbourne 

Sainab Shiekh- In Person


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