President's Message

Dear Members and Friends,

I am pleased to start with the news that our President-Elect is back in Australia. She and her son Khalid are serving out their 14-day hotel isolation in Adelaide and I think they get out next Friday so it may still be possible for her to make the conference the next day.

Rotary wise it has been a quiet week for our club especially for Judy and me as we have been away in Yarrawonga and Beechworth since last Friday till today.

As you can see in the photo the golf part of the weekend worked out well for me as I won the trophy
Anyway, we left early this morning from Beechworth and arrived in time at the Sofitel before noon to see the Rotary Club of Melbourne 100 year Birthday Bash. It really was a great event so I was really happy we made the effort to get there. Cheryl was also there representing the pour club and it was good to catch up with so many other Rotarians in the district that I have met before. It was also very good that 2 of the MUNA students from the event we ran really featured in a little segment to represent what the next generation are looking for as important to them in the years ahead.
So what is coming up?
1. Tomorrow, Thu 22nd April, we have a Club Board meeting at the Mercure Hotel at 6.45 pm. We have a few things to discuss and make decisions on so hopefully most of our members will attend.
2. Friday, 23rd April, Judy and I will be representing the club at the Haileybury College Anzac Day ceremony.
3. Friday, 30th April, we are having a joint club dinner with Southbank RC. We need to decide on the venue for the Board meeting tomorrow. This is just a social event but is still formally a part of the Conference agenda.
4. Saturday, 1st May, is the 1st day of the Multidistrict Virtual conference and as well includes the Breakout session at Hyatt Place at Essendon Fields. 
Please join me at this event and watch the special fashion parade presented by the Afri-Auscare team and learn about what our district is involved in.  
Use this link to book - - This event includes a gourmet BBQ and costs $65/person for the day

Also, I point out that at this event they will be announcing the winners of the District Awards and our club should have a good chance with our Entry of the MUNA event so if we do get the nod it would be great if as many members as possible are present.
5. Sunday, 2nd May
               - Day 2 of the Virtual District Conference.
and on the same day at 2.00 pm

Have a Great Rotary Week!