Herbson is Reunited to his Family

There were some beautiful scenes posted last Saturday night in Facebook Livestream by our good member (and President-Elect Nominee) Herbson Singo.

Herbson came to Australia 2 and a quarter years ago with his 2 older children leaving behind his wife Alice and 2 three-month-old twin boys back in Malawi. Well now they are together and it was very moving to see Alice see her 2 older children again and Herbson to see his 2 young twin sons now 2 and half years old. It is difficult to get good still shots from a video but hopefully, this gives you a sense of the occasion.

We hope they all have great times ahead for many years.

Upcoming BBQ's

Last week I reported that we had have put in proposals for our club to run 2 fairly big BBQs for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project on Saturday 12th March and Sunday 13th March. I can now advise our proposal was accepted except they didn't agree to our price they are going to pay us $1,000.00 more than we asked as they are very supportive of our club and appreciate our alliance over the last few years.

We are still waiting on confirmation of our fee proposal for the very big Moomba BBQ the next day on Labour Day on Monday 14th March but it has been announced that the Moomba Parade is to proceed so I would think they will still want the BBQ to proceed.

BBQ Stop Press

We have just received this request to hold another BBQ in May. (Hopefully, it doesn't clash with the Federal Election)

" Hi I am the Chair of the Mother's Day Classic event held on Sunday 8th May at Alexandra Gardens - Melbourne. I would like to talk to someone in relation to hosting a BBQ on the day."

With the Federal Election coming up it means we look like having 5 good-sized BBQs to do between March and May.

Upcoming Rotary Officer Training

Are you getting ready to engage your members and bring more people into your club in the coming Rotary year? In the Rotary International Website if you check out the Rotary Learning Center’s - Club Leadership catalog, you’ll find courses that outline what you’ll need to know to succeed in these club roles:

  • President 

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Committee member:

    • Administration committee

    • Membership committee

    • Public image committee

    • Rotary Foundation committee

    • Service projects committee

These learning plans are designed to be completed before you participate in the district training assembly, which is usually held in March, April, or May. You’ll need a My Rotary account to enroll. If you don’t yet have an account, this step-by-step guide will help you to create one.

On mobile devices, links from email or other pages to the Learning Center may not work. Instead, go to the Learning Center through My Rotary, then search for materials or courses. If you haven’t used the Learning Center, go to rotary.org/learn, sign in to My Rotary, and accept the privacy policy before you click the link to your learning plan.

The Facilitator Basics learning plan is another development opportunity that we recommend for anyone who leads learning sessions


Thanks, last week to Kammy and Ted for volunteering for Rimern. Thanks a lot to both of them.

seems to have given here extra strength. She looks like she could have moved that fridge without the trolley.

Please let me know if you are able to do a 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm shift  this Sat 19th Feb on page@ghp.biz

Last Week's Meeting

Fatuma Ali

Like Ibrahim last week Fatuma who is also a new member gave us an insight into her life which started in Ethiopia as she spoke about his life in his "Member Behind the Badge Talk"

.Last week's meeting was a Zoom meeting and was quite well attended. Apart from Fatuma there was also President Sainab Sheikh, Andrew Georgiou, James Long, Cheryl Dorgan, Herbson Singo, Ted Dziadkiewicz, Larry Robb, Susan Robb, Reshma Manandharr, Bushra Afrasiabi, Kammy Leung, Neville Page, Judy Page, and from India - Manjula Pragasam.


We are very grateful to Fatuma for being our speaker last week with only 1 day's notice. Her story was not easy to tell for her as it brought back emotional times for her but the members were all impressed with the way she has overcome her problems and moved ahead.

As well during the meeting last week Manjula advised us that while her family is currently back over in India her daughter, Laxana has got engaged to a nice American young man. We congratulate them both and wish them a happy life together. Laxana has attended a number of club meetings and events and is very well-liked by our members. We especially look forward to seeing Manjula back at our club in a couple of weeks (in time to help out at our BBQs)

Upcoming Meetings

Thursday 17th February 2022 6.45 pm for 7.00 pm start. In-person at the Mercure Hotel, Cnr Harker St and Flemington Rd North Melbourne. 

Speaker - Atsuya Tazoe

Atsuya is a Global Grant Scholar from Japan hosted by our club and he will exchange banners from his sponsoring Japanese Club and will speak to us about himself. It should be a great meeting to attend.


Thursday 24th February 2022 at 7.00 pm on Zoom 

Speaker - Jennie Mitchell

Jennie lives in Tasmania and is the current President of the Melbourne E Club.

She will speak to us to update us on how her club is going and how her life is in Tasmania.


Zoom Meeting Link


Meeting ID: 828 8560 5624     Passcode: 585402

Rotary District 9800 Conference 2022

So why not join Atsuya and attend the conference in Albury. The details are below and there are plenty of accommodation options. Also, take note if you want a bit of a longer stay the next day is the Anzac Day public holiday so no work until Tuesday.



Dad Joke of the Week

I don't follow tradition and neither did my father or his father before him.

Bonus Joke





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