MUNA has now moved from the front page to the feature article!!!  9 days to fo                                Sat 18th and Sun 19th June 2022

Last week we were on 18 teams and now we are full with 23 teams. This really is amazing. I never expected we would get anywhere near this number.

and here are the teams that will be competing including the sponsoring clubs

The team from our club is on the bottom because it just came through today and we should get their papers tomorrow. When I was strategizing with Susan Robb on how to follow up by concentrating on the clubs that more usually participate I provided Susan with 3 lists. 1 of the clubs that are a good chance based on recent experience. 1 of the clubs of a bit of chance and another list of clubs that are close to no hope. We have 5 teams from group 3.  

Shows how smart I was. But all's well that ends well. Plus it is a lesson to keep trying clubs as personal changes and in this case, some clubs now have teachers in their club.

The event will be at our club venue of the Mercure Hotel.

I put out a call for help last week and though I didn't get inundated by making a few calls as well I think we are ok now.

There are some members, I'm not sure I have correctly got what they have offered as I have relied on my memory so this is how I have it at the moment:

Plus I am hoping that James Long can get to DIK on Friday to get the big flags and deliver them to the Mercure.

For those that are interested in the resolutions contact me and I can email them to you. Of course, you can still drop in over the weekend even for an hour or so, and get a taste of the event.

The students will be in assembly from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Saturday and 9.00 am to 3.45 pm on Sunday.


Well, I've taken this off the front page but can't let it drop right off yet. I can say that we have nominated this most successful event in the District Awards in the International Category so hopefully, we might have some luck. All the more reason to attend the District Changeover referred to above as they will be announcing the winners there.

Rotary International Convention - Melbourne

On Sunday I emailed members recommending they register for the convention now to take advantage of the Earlybird price. I understand the 5 day period has been extended by a couple of days so if you haven't already done so I again recommend you do so.

The discounted price is $US425.00. There is an additional fee for lunch as well.

If you do register at the end when it comes to payment there is an option to pay later. As I said you will probably never get another chance to go without having to pay for international airfares and accommodation.

Here is the link to the book

No photo description available.

If you have any trouble booking then please contact me.

This Thursday - INDUCTIONS

It was to be a triple but Covid has done it again and now it is a double with Lucia Halliburton and Roman Korchev. The meeting will be 6.45 pm to a 7.00 pm starting at the Mercure Hotel, North Melbourne. Please attend and welcome our new members.

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