President's Message

 This week we are back at the Mercure with a Board Meeting.

So what has happened this week?

Well, I have been contacted a few times and it's amazing how each one usually ends up in me having something to follow up on.

On Monday, Don MacQueen briefly contacted me via text to update me that he has not been able to organize a meeting for us to meet up at Haileybury College to arrange for the Rotary Peace Pole and so the meeting will not be before next week.

Yesterday I was contacted by Marion Macleod, President of the Melbourne Rotary Club to introduce me to their member Bev Brock who has been given the task of organizing their club's 100 years "Birthday Bash" on 21st April 2021. I have been requested to assist with sourcing a young Male & Female student from my MUNA involvement that can speak at the event.  I should have a few names for her by the end of the week.

Today I was contacted by Tricia Reardon. Tricia is DG Philip Archer's partner and contacted me at Philip's suggestion in her role as editor of Networker to put together an article about our great Water Filter program. I have passed it on to Ted to follow up and already Manjula has found some good previous articles that will be good resources for it.

Today, I also received an email from the Mercure Hotel for an update on our numbers for the International Women's Day function next Wednesday 10th March 2021 at 7.00 pm. I said I will contact her after our Board meeting tomorrow but that at this moment the numbers look like being quite low. I again urge everyone that can come to do so and to really try hard to get one or 2 other people to bring along with you.

Lastly, since our last meeting, I was contacted directly by our DG Philip Archer to discuss him coming to our club as his "Official Visit". I was certainly delighted to accept his offer for me to invite him and the invitation has been made for Thursday 25th March at the Mercure Hotel. I'm sure our members will make him very welcome and we are hoping that some members of his Southbank club will accompany him to make it a good Rotary night of fellowship.

I earlier mentioned promoting next week's International Women's Day and last night I sent off this flyer below to everyone on our mailing list (apart from our members as I know they know about it) to try and boost numbers. Like most other attempts, no response so far.

Anyway, as previously advised tomorrow is a closed, members-only Board meeting and upcoming in-person meetings include the International Women's Day next Wed 10th Mar at 7.00 pm followed on Thu 25th Mar at 6.45 pm by both meetings at the Mercure Hotel, Cnr Flemington Rd and Harker St, North Melbourne.


Have a Great Rotary Week!