Update on the Ukrainian Concert

Ted attended another fund-raiser that a supporter of this appeal ran on her own by way of a lunch in her own home and  another $3,500.00 has dropped into the total which now  has brought our current total upto

This was already an amazing success but it just keeps getting better

This has finally made it to the 1st page            It is now only a bit over 2 weeks away          

Sat 18th and Sun 19th June 2022

Last week we were on 14 teams and now we are upto 18 teams.

With advice from other cubs that they still intend to sponsor a team I am expecting a few more teams again by this time next week. Our club may be one of them as the new school of Richmond Secondary College arr currently looking for a team for our club to sponsor.

The event will be at our club venue of the Mercure Hotel.

I STILL NEED HELP  Especially on Sunday. I have had a few offers to help on Saturday but not much at all for Sunday and it is really the best day to be present as you will see who wins.

The tasks required over the weekend are still the same as I wrote last week

  1. Naturally, at the start there will be general setup of the room putting out the country name blocks and flags and at the end to pack it all up.

  2. Hand the mike over to the students for them to speak when it is their turn and take it back when they are finished.

  3. The students send "diplomatic notes" to each other with messages on them and they as they have to stay in their seat when they have a message to deliver they put their hand up and a volunteer needs to take the message to the delegate it is directed to.

  4. The teams will be divided into country blocs and they will have bloc meetings. they could need some supervision and we need to make sure they all come back in time after these meetings and the ther breaks.

  5. Scoring. We need a couple of people to sit at a desk and score on a sheet I provide to them.

  6. General overseeing. Just to be there in case a student needs help for any need whether it is a bottle of water and someone may feel off colour.

Lastly, I am taking on the role of Secretary General  and so will sit on the head table running the event. I would love it if someone can sit next to me and keep me company and  just keep me on track to make sure I follow the program and also provide a bit of quiet feedback.

The program is nearly finalized now and the event will commence from 9.00am to 5.00pm on the Saturday and 9.00am to 3.45pm on the Sunday. So volunteers will get morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea supplied to them. On Saturday, I plan to commence registration at 8.15am so that we can start getting them into the room by 8.45am for the 9.00am start.

The District Governor, Dale Hoy will be opening the event and we will have a guest speaker after lunch but this is not finalized yet.

So I close with the same message as my opening. Please help.  (If you have children, family or friends that you think would like to help then that would be fine too)

RIMERN  (Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network)

1st Birthday is on 16th June

This article was provided in full last week so I will only repeat this:


RIMERN has been awarded a coveted Centenary of Rotary in Australia Grant for $25,000 from the wonderful Rotary Club of Balwyn to enable us to buy our own VAN!! This is the best news and we are so grateful to Rotary Balwyn for their generosity!
We’ll soon be
swooping on more donated goods and supplying more orders… WOO HOO!


If so please contact Susan Robb (lsrobb@netspace.net.au) to be rostered on

Volunteering at RIMERN changes lives, it’s local, it’s flexible & most importantly FUN! If you haven’t been yet, please put your hand up, if you have been, please go again.

The need for our help is growing and RIMERN is a way that we can make a difference at minimal cost.

We do have a Board Meeting for members. Zoom Invites have already been sent out

The meeting will commence at 7.00pm. Members there is plenty to discuss so please take part.

Last week's  Meeting 

Zara is the CEO of the Mother's Day Classic Foundation

Zara was accompanied by Loretta Drago, Lyn Kirkham and Thanuja Kothalawala. The members of our club and the 4 representatives of the Mother's Day Classic established a very close rapport and it was clear our members were even more glad we had supported them by doing their BBQ and they seemed just as glad that they have us as part of their team on the day

Zara provided a very informative presentation and the facts she provided showed how important the funds raised from the Mother's Day Classic are. We learnt 1 in 7 women get diagnosed with Breast Cancer (and 1 in 700 men) and that the result of the research that they are funding is significantly improving the survival rate.

Next Week's Meeting

New Member Inductions

Please make sure you attend our next meeting on Thursday 9th June 2022 at 6.45 for a 7.00pm start when our membership numbers will increase from 17 to 20.

We will be inducting the following 3 new members

  1. Lucia Halliburton

  2. Reshma Manandhar

  3. Roman Korchev

Lucia and Reshma are joining as part of our first Corporate Membership, being Ames Australia.

This is a great boost to our club as we know we need members and to have these 3 will probably lower the average age of our club members by 10 years.

As well it will mean of our 20 members we will have 10 Male and 10 Female.

We have for a long while been pointing out the amazing diversity of our club with members coming from all over the world and from about 10 different countries. Well with these new inductions we can add another 2 countries with Roman being from Ukraine and Reshma from Nepal.

Dad Joke of the Week

To book go to:http://ROTARY FOOD WASTE, Melbourne, 2nd of June | Humanitix


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