Happy Australia  day

Last week we had Jalal Ahmadzai speak about his experiences and what life was like in Afghanistan before and after the Taliban. He really gave a very clear explanation and we all now have a better understanding of it. It certainly was really sad to see the effect that those with political power have on the lives of innocent people who without leaders pushing their various causes would otherwise live in harmony.

It is also good to see him using his skills and knowledge to help other refugees with his work with Ames. Also, attending the Zoom meeting from Ames last week was Reshma Manandharr and another Afghan refugee Bushra Afrasiabi. Unfortunately, not many members were able to make it last week but we are in unusual times at the moment.


As I mentioned last week our President, Sainab Sheikh organized for the Somalian Women's Development Association (SWDA) to run an Australia Day event at the park next to the North Melbourne Community Centre and has asked our club to assist with a BBQ. Well, we did help. Thanks so much to our club volunteers.

Especially James Long for packing up his trailer with all the BBQs and equipment and then driving it to the venue by 7.30 am in the morning. He then went off to his official Australia Day duties with Bayside Council and then got back by 6.00 pm to pack it up and take the trailer back.

Around 9.00 am Larry started working with the SWDA volunteers to set up and was then joined by myself and Judy shortly after Reshma and Lucia came as well to help with the setup as well as walking over to the highrises to promote the event distributing flyers.

Then Herbson came and was all ready to start cooking when all the rest of us left by around midday. At that point, everything was set up and the 5 varieties of Jumping Castles looked very inviting for the kids. Unfortunately by the time Judy and I left the crowd hadn't arrived. Hopefully, they eventually came out despite the oppressive heat.

Sainab did a great job of getting all the food there so hopefully, it all got used.


A couple of weeks ago I advised that the committee had decided to suspend volunteering at the East Brunswick centre until the end of the month. Well a couple of days ago I was contacted to say this has been reviewed and they now are requesting our club provide some volunteers to do a 4-hour session this Saturday from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. They have extended it by an hour so that when the truck comes in with collections there are some people there to assist with unloading. I'm sure they don't need everyone there to unload though so if you are able to help out at all this Saturday 29th January 2022 please let me know on page@ghp.biz. We will then be requested to continue doing this on a fortnightly basis.

special member events

Two members are looking forward to some special events coming up soon.

Firstly, one of our new members, Kammy Leung is getting married this Saturday (I am accepting this as a reasonable excuse for not volunteering for Rimern on Saturday).  She is marrying her partner, CL Fok on a small Cruise Boat so we all wish them well both for a beautiful day and long and happy life together.

This isn't the best photo of CL but it is all I have.


Herbson Singo who has been waiting so long for his wife and 2 daughters to join him from Malawi is expecting his wait to end on 12th February when they are expected back.

Upcoming Meeting

Thursday 27th January 2022 at 6.30 pm on Zoom - Board Meeting

This is a members-only meeting. (Actually, non-members can attend on the understanding they have to join as a member later)

The Zoom Link is  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82885605624?pwd=QmdDL3pPUGU0NzdxU21qVmZ2bFpyZz09

Meeting ID: 828 8560 5624        Passcode: 585402

Please note the time of this meeting has been brought forward from 7.00 pm to 6.30 pm with the approval of the President so that it can finish in time for us to watch Ash Barty play her Semi-Final.


Dad Joke of the Week

What do you call a chicken that stares at lettuce?

Chicken sees-a-salad




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