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Moomba 2019

Small club's big snag handout

By Tony Thomas, Rotary Central Melbourne

North Melbourne Rotary Club is one of the smaller clubs in District 9800, but runs a high-profile and well-paid event every Moomba Parade. Its task is to feed free hot sausages, hamburgers and veggie burgers to the parade’s participants and helpers when the parade finishes. The venue is at the Melbourne Grammar School staging area.

Says President Mary Zindilis, “The Moomba organisers let all those involved know about the free feed. The problem is that everyone wants their bread and sausage at the same time when they return from the parade between noon and 1.00pm.

“All through the parade morning last March 11 we were desperately stockpiling cooked onions and snags for the lunch rush.

“During that 60 minutes burst of demand after the parade, we had queues of about 100 people from the parade at a time in three queues. We fed close to 1000 people and then another hundred or so in the hour after.”

The club provides the BBQ trailer with three BBQ’s, marquees and a Bain Marie, plus the food and staffing. Mary estimates that the club team of about fifteen (including friends) gave out   1300 sausages and burgers.

They have been engaged by the City of Melbourne for the Moomba Parade BBQ for over 10 years and have a very good reputation there. They also do normal sizzles selling sausages several times a year. Mary says the big problem is the ageing of club members who need high stamina for the hard day’s work.

The club generates about $15,000 yearly for its charities, which per member would rate highly in District 9800.

“Our next gig is at North Melbourne Primary School during the federal election about May. We’d appreciate any extra volunteers especially as that BBQ goes all day,” she says.



Last night we had a very informative address from 3 young ladies of Somalian background introduced by our member Sainab Sheikh.

 The young ladies were Amina Khalif, Yasmin Adan, & Rahma Abdirahman and they were also accompanied by Yusra Adan.

 They spoke about the primitive conditions women in Somalia have to undergo during childbirth resulting in a very high mortality rate that would dramatically reduced with basic medical and nursing care.

 They presented a well prepared Powerpoint presentation supported by a couple of videos to help get their point across. Their message was clear and they are determined to raise funds to achieve their goal and for that purpose a Gofundme page has been set up to raise funds.

 At the end of their presentation they called for questions and almost everyone did ask one and a few a lot more than one.

 Our members were very impressed with the passion these young ladies had for their cause and felt we could assist them by introducing them to other clubs and possibly working for District or even International Rotary assistance.

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